Title 31 Compliance

Our approach and methodology endeavors to provide a comprehensive analysis presented in a simplified and clear assessment of the results.

We will provide a comprehensive risk assessment analysis and review of the Casino’s BSA/Title 31 compliance program. Our assessment involves a detailed evaluation of factors which contribute to the risk in a respective category area. The aggregate summation of risk factors provides a strong basis for risk assessment applicable to the risk categories.

The project deliverables will entail a final written report which details the overall condition, risks identified, mitigating procedures/controls, and deficiencies within risk categories. In addition, we will identify areas of strengths and weaknesses along with corrective actions and recommendations. The risk assessment will provide you with a valuable tool in customizing your BSA Compliance program to your Casino’s specific needs and the training we provide during our assessment will allow Casino personnel to complete annual updates to your risk assessment.

Since the 9/11 disaster and the passing of the USA Patriot Act, Title 31 compliance is more important than ever. Additional Federal oversight and compliance testing coupled with the risk of terrorist financing and the associated publicity make your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs one of the most important aspects of casino compliance.

We offer assistance with the development of Title 31 internal controls, Title 31 training and train the Trainer programs, assistance and preparation of written money laundering risk assessments, testing of compliance, Title 31 audits, and turnkey AML programs.

Let us help you develop the best anti-money laundering program in the industry, one that will protect the Tribe’s interest and satisfy Federal oversight.

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