Proper financial documentation and record-keeping means knowing what to expect during tax season. Whether you’re filing your personal, self-employment, small business or business returns, the tax professionals at JOSEPH EVE can help you get your important documents in order while directing attention towards money-saving programs such as  tax credits and deductions. Make your money work for you by letting us help you complete accurate, error-free returns and avoid late payment penalties. We will identify the forms needed to complete and file your returns. Excise tax, employment taxes, information returns, estimated tax payments and 1099-MISC forms for contractors will be presented for your complete review before being signed and filed in a timely manner.


Even if your taxes are prepared and filed by a paid tax preparation service or firm, you and your organization are held completely liable for any errors or falsifications on returns. That’s why working with the most qualified and experienced CPA firm is more important than ever. JOSEPH EVE’s professionals are fully licensed and certified to handle any and all tax preparation and filing tasks, and working with us provides additional advantages that tax software programs and other firms lack.

  • We have a solid, trusted background and have been in the business of compiling documentation, preparing and filing returns for over 30 years.
  • JOSEPH EVE offers electronic filing services to ensure a quick, secure return and compliance with e-file requirements for large business entities.
  • We’re accessible beyond tax return completion. Contact us prior to filing for answers to all of your tax-related inquiries.
  • Expertise ensures accuracy. Our staff keeps regularly updated on new policies and requirements by receiving periodic educational enrichment and training.
  • We adhere to best practices and insist on revealing all details of your return while offering detailed explanation of all items prior to filing.
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