Moving to a new financial accounting solution doesn’t happen frequently. In fact, on average, financial accounting solutions are replaced every seven to ten years. Nonprofits Turn to IntacctSince you’ll be working with a new system for close to a decade, what you choose for your organization is crucial. Your constituents, executive team, program managers, and your staff are relying on you to find a solution that handles today’s challenges and reporting as well as the needs of the future. Increasingly, Nonprofit organizations are selecting Intacct as their solution. Could Intacct be a good fit for your nonprofit organization? Consider what other Nonprofits using Intacct have to say about the only solution endorsed by the AICPA. A recent TechValidate survey asked nonprofits to list their top reasons for selecting Intacct over other potential solutions.

Ease of Use for Nonprofits – 68%

If a nonprofit accounting solution is not easy to use, reaping the benefits of the solution are thwarted. You want to be proficient on the software and enjoy an interface and navigation that is intuitive and straightforward. Intacct is not only easy for accounting staff to use, but its dashboards allow non-accounting managers to easily access the information that is important to them and help them proactively manage their programs and projects more effectively. The result is better stewardship of funds, greater impact for the constituents you serve, and real time visibility into your financials.

Superior Reporting Capabilities for Nonprofits – 48%

Nonprofits Turn to IntacctWhen it comes to fund management, nonprofit accounting presents its own very specific set of challenges – challenges that can’t be adequately and punctually addressed with outdated spreadsheets and manual processes. Intacct gives you greater efficiency and managerial visibility so you can drive down costs while fully pursuing your organization’s mission. Reporting is crucial quite simply because you can’t manage what you can’t see. That’s why Intacct nonprofit accounting software provides a complete view of the consolidated numbers, summaries, and details you need to optimally manage your nonprofit. With real-time visibility, you and your colleagues can proactively manage key initiatives, take action, and improve outcomes across funding sources, locations, grants, program, and other dimensions.

Depth of accounting and finance features – 43%

Ease of integration with other systems/applications – 38%

Chances are your nonprofit has multiple systems that are critical to the organization – fundraising, human resources, online giving, to name just a few. Also, depending on what type of organization you are, you might depend on solutions like tuition billing, medical billing, membership management, and other organization-specific solutions. The ability to integrate these systems with your financial accounting system can bring a whole new level of organizational excellence to be enjoyed. Intacct is designed to play well with others. The JOSEPH EVE tech group has worked on integrating Intacct with dozens and dozens of other organization-critical solutions. The results are impressive. In most cases, the key metrics tracked by these solutions can be incorporated into the Intacct dashboards providing team members with a combination of data from their department or program financials as well as data from other solution in one dashboard.

Scalability and ability to support growth – 38%

Tomorrow’s aspirations won’t be slowed due to system limitations. Intacct is a scalable solution that can grow as your organization grows. That growth might come in the form of additional personnel – you can easily provide additional users with access to the system. Growth might also come in the form of new grants, new projects and a new segment of constituents to serve – the solution can accommodate your new objectives.

Multi-tenant cloud delivery model – 29%

Because Intacct delivers the software via the cloud, it means significant cost-savings for the end user. “Significant cost-savings” is music to every Executive Director’s ears. Because your financial accounting system resides in the cloud, a slate of expenses is erased. For example, your organization won’t have to invest in servers and the costs associated with server software, security, and maintenance. Software delivery via the cloud also means freedom of device: you use a PC but the ED uses a Mac – no problem. As long as there is access to the Internet and a browser, Intacct can be accessed via PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone – provided you have a user name and password.

An Important Choice for Your Nonprofit

We understand that making the move to a new nonprofit financial accounting system is a big step. When the JOSEPH EVE Technology Group works with a nonprofit we bring a team that has deep expertise in the solution, technology, and nonprofit management. We help you ensure that not only are you getting the best solution, but also that you have the best processes in place to take advantage of upgraded technology.

Essential Features for Nonprofit Organizations


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