One of the ways that Intacct helps our clients is the ability to go beyond periodic reporting, and equip managers with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help them focus and act on the objectives they have for their departments, projects, and programs.

With Intacct as the foundation of the organizations financial accounting management, CFOs are able to better serve internal customers with the data they need to be successful. Thus armed, managers can be proactive and strategically focused with real-time insight on their goals and objectives. Dashboards can be developed to give each individual the precise data they need day-by-day and hour-by-hour.


Beginning with the mission and vision of the organization, the impact measures from each area of the business can be identified. From there, the activity measures for the goals and strategies are defined. On a department, region, or project level, a more granular measure of tactics and activities can be monitored and reported on.

The end result? One CFO reported, “We can now slice and dice our expenses and revenues by location, by department, by vendor or by customer, and our managers can view a number of different reports that help them make better operational decisions for our future.”

JOSEPH EVE offers numerous webcasts that allow you to see just how powerful Intacct is – we provide general overviews and frequently customize the presentation to address specific industry segments. For example, how Intacct works for software companies or how Intacct works for nonprofits. That way, you can see the application in the context of the specific challenges your organization faces.

If you don’t have time for a webcast and would like to speak with us directly about your specific challenges and needs, we welcome the opportunity. Feel free to contact us by phone (406) 752-5225 or email us.

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