GREAT FALLS, Mont. (March 21, 2016) – Having recently completed a very successful showing at NIGA 2016, where the company exhibited and presented two important seminars, JOSEPH EVE CPAs is now bringing its tribal gaming expertise to the National Tribal Gaming Commissioners/Regulators Spring Conference.

The event takes place March 29-31 at Tulalip Casino and Resort in Tulalip, Wash., and JOSEPH EVE will address two critical topics.

First, JOSEPH EVE Partner Grant Eve, CPA, CFE and Manager Glen Galt, CPA will present “Organization Fraud Directed at the Casino.” Eve and Galt will give an overview of fraud and fraud detection techniques, along with several casino frauds that have been discovered over the past several years.

Later, Eve and Galt will present “Continued Casino Scrutiny of Title 31/AML Compliance Programs,” in which attendees will learn about numerous Title 31/AML Compliance shortcomings that have triggered recent increases in civil and criminal enforcement actions. Attendees will also learn best practices to help mitigate Title 31/AML risk.

“Protecting the bottom line – that’s what these two seminars are really all about. Whether it’s fraud that comes from inside or outside the casino, or poorly followed controls that can result in millions of dollars in fines or theft, these can be severely damaging to the bottom line. That’s why we are addressing these critical issues at NTGCR,” Eve said.

JOSEPH EVE is an industry leader in fraud and Title 31. The firm recently acquired the well-known online “NWJE University Title 31 Course,” which it rebranded it as JE University, and launched several improvements, such as updated content and a Spanish language voiceover.

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