JE University is an online training vehicle that empowers casino staff to stay constantly on top of the latest compliance issues and maintain adherence to regulatory compliance training requirements. The site’s course content was developed by JOSEPH EVE specifically for casino compliance personnel. In many cases where casinos and card clubs violate the requirements of BSA, it is due to a lack of proper anti-money laundering (AML) training of its employees.  Penalties and settlements can often be avoided if the proper training and resources are provided to your casino or card club’s management and staff. With the automated training, casino compliance officers can rest assured that every department in the casino is trained on compliance issues relating to anti-money laundering as required by varying laws and regulations.

The system also conducts tests and automatically sends notifications when retesting is due. The engaging and interactive course content consists of several modules including:

  • Title 31/AML Introduction and Foundation
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)
  • Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR)
  • Management and Compliance Team Training
  • Filing BSA Reports

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