Indirect Cost Proposals


Indirect Costs
Often overlooked yet highly vital to the good fiscal health of your organization, indirect costs account for items and activities that don’t fall into a defined category for use by any specific departmental program. Overhead costs like administration and personnel salaries, travel expenses, bulk supplies, utility bills and maintenance fees sometimes go unaccounted for when considering fund requests from federal agencies. Especially when applying for a grant, it’s important to cover indirect costs to keep your business up and running. The expert accountants at JOSEPH EVE provide invaluable oversight of indirect cost rate calculations, indirect cost proposal preparation, and negotiation for fair, feasible rate agreements issues by federal agency officials.


Indirect cost rate calculation, proposal preparation and rate agreement negotiation is a layered, intricate process that involves special expertise over the Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) calculation method, Schedule B and Schedule C documents, and other reports and financial statements. Securing funds for indirect costs is highly beneficial to an organization, in that it provides a much-needed buffer for unforeseen expenses that aren’t in scope of planned programs and projects. JOSEPH EVE’s team of certified audit and accounting professionals possesses specialized indirect cost proposal expertise and is capable of overseeing the entire proposal process from start to finish.

  • First, we’ll figure an indirect cost rate that appropriately satisfies the needs of each department and issues fair cost burdens to each segment of your organization.
  • Identification of activities is performed by seeking out the correct documents and providing complete, thorough analysis of operations.
  • We accurately categorize direct and indirect costs while weeding out those that are federally unallowable, and use of the MTDC method ensures a fair, honest determination of indirect cost rate.
  • JOSEPH EVE fully prepares, processes and negotiates indirect cost proposals to help you figure and receive the funds that your organization deserves.
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