Forensic Audit


Fraud can be extremely detrimental to your business’ financial good standing and reputation. The certified fraud investigation experts at Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE take a skilled approach to a forensic audit by executing a deliberate series of crucial steps that will result in the successful uncovering of actions while identifying the perpetrators. In the event that we discover fraudulent activity, we’ll help you determine how that activity went undetected, discover what impact it had (and may continue to have) on your business, identify guilty parties, and calculate the extent of funds that are missing. For embezzlement cases, forgery, suspicious claims, false statements and other unscrupulous activities, we’re experts at gathering the facts and implementing the proper internal controls for future fraud prevention.


Business owners have a lot of different responsibilities, and you’ve got enough to worry about with your business without having to sort through the ramifications of fraudulent activities. Fraud can be defined as the act of deceitful conduct involving trickery, breach of trust or other forms of deception that result in harm to your business’ financial status and reputation. The results can prove disastrous, and pinpointing problem-areas that could use fortification is really the best means of fraud prevention there is. The certified fraud examiners at Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE fully comprehend the need for extensive support and guidance when it comes to preventing and detecting fraud. Whether internal or external, we’ll get to the root of the problem. Fraud investigation reveals undetected criminal activities that could be already hurting your business, and realization of these issues provides a logical means of patching holes in a faulty system for more targeted, strengthened protection against fraud.

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