Finance Transformation

Selecting a software solution for your organization is an important decision that requires an investment in time and money. In order to make the best selection, you need to assess your current needs as well as forecast what your future needs might be.

This is not an easy process.

However, if you take the time beforehand and do the proper work and analysis, you are taking measures to ensure you will make the right decision. More importantly, you are equipping your team, department and organization with the best strategy and tools to be successful – now and in the future.

Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE’s Finance Transformation Process can help guide this process and together, we can help you improve and transform processes and system.


The finance function of your organization should be run as a carefully mapped out process with clarity of vision. When looking at your “finance business,” what are the overall goals? The Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE Finance Transformation Process can help you define these goals and then map out the way your software solution helps you meet the objectives of your goals. The goals driving the Finance Transformation Process usually include the following: Improved Quality – Increase the quality controls at the source of transaction to reduce re-work and increase compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Simplification – Reduce complexity and increase standardization of process and technology. Timeliness – Reduce wasted or sunk time and improve cycle times. Making a comprehensive assessment like this will be difficult. But it will also be rewarding. It will require a commitment from the top to the bottom of the organization. The result is truly a transformation. You will see your finance department transformed from a scorekeeper to a business accelerator. It’s the difference between being a report generator and a trusted business advisor.


There are four phases that the Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE Financial Transformation Process will guide you through: Define and map the current state; analyze and evaluate; agree on improvement opportunities; and define and map the future state.

Software and technology should assist you in your journey from the current state to the future state. It should help you accomplish both quick wins and long-term goals. The right software solution is a powerful tool in the transformation from scorekeeper to trusted business advisor. Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE ensures that your software solution tracks with the ongoing transformation process. Contact Us to learn more about the Finance Transformation Process.