What a difference a decade can make! In 2005, Tiger Woods was the number one ranked golfer in the world and had won his 4th Masters championship in addition to racking up his 10th major win. By 2015 the once phenomenal golfer was 321 on the world rankings. In 2005, Twitter didn’t exist. In 2015 it boasted 302 million participants – including JOSEPH EVE! (You can follow us: @JE_Tech_Group and @josephevecpa.) But how much could really change when it comes to accounting and the responsibilities of a CFO? It turns out that there has been a lot of change for a CFO when you compare 2005 to 2015 when it comes to the demands of the profession and technology.

Evolution of CFO Challenges

Intacct has put together a fun infographic providing a snap shot of “The Changing Role of Today’s Tech-Savvy CFO” which can be found here. In some cases, it’s not that new concerns have replaced old concerns – there are just more concerns for today’s CFO. As the research for the Intacct infographic notes, in 2005 the business metrics important to a CFO were EBITDA, EPS, ROE, and ROA. In 2015, CFOs are still tracking those metrics, but are also looking at new metrics such as recurring revenue, CAC, bookings, utilization.

Evolution of CFO Challenges and You

How has your business life changed in the past 10 years? Are you struggling with outdated tools as you attempt to meet new challenges today? JOSEPH EVE would welcome a chance to help you with processes, services and technology solutions. You might find that the next ten years would benefit greatly by participating in our JOSEPH EVE Finance Transformation Process where we work with you to examine your business looking at the current state, making an assessment, then instituting the change needed to achieve the future state that meets and exceeds your aspirations.

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