The Next Generation Government Contracting Solution

While your goal is simple – do business with the U.S. Federal Government – actually doing business with the Federal Government is far more complex. From estimations and project proposals to identification of direct and indirect costs to project reports and reimbursement – the tasks can be daunting if you don’t have a system designed to help you easily handle and organize project data.

Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE ContractEdge powered by Intacct is a new alternative for federal contractors. Wipfli/JE ContractEdge powered by Intacct is built to take advantage of cloud technology and provide you with the functionality to properly account for government contracts, including managing and tracking cost reimbursements and compliance with federal standards. In addition, Wipfli/JE ContractEdge is priced lower than the 800 pound gorilla, meaning you’ll enjoy the functionality you need at a monthly subscription price that is affordable for your growing business.

The Six Steps to Next Generation Government Contracting

Step 1 – PLAN

A clear understanding of the contracts you have and the rules and regulations surrounding your contracts is the first step to achieving compliance.

Step 2 – COLLECT

Time collection rules are explicit and you need a solution that adheres to the rules. Intacct time and expense management is fully integrated into the project accounting module.


A robust project management solution should be in place to capture all direct cost by contract and contract line number. Intacct’s project management module is designed to fit this requirement

ContractEdge - JOSEPH EVE


Direct costs must be segregated from indirect costs and allowable costs must be segregated for unallowable costs. Intacct’s multi-dimensional capabilities coupled with a robust chart of accounts fulfills these needs.


Indirect cost need to be allocated out to intermediate and final cost objectives. JOSEPH EVE’s ContractEdge handles this with the click of a button.


A perfect plan with excellent technology does not ensure compliance. It is imperative that a qualified staff of experts continually execute on the designed plan (and adjust where necessary).

What are the benefits to using ContractEdge?

Functionality Designed for Federal Contractors

ContractEdgeJOSEPH EVE ContractEdge powered by Intacct brings you project accounting with rich features including compliant workflows, tracking and reporting, and audit-ready processes.

Project Accounting.

At the core of JOSEPH Eve ContractEdge powered by Intacct is Project Accounting. From the initial steps of creating an estimate for project bids to billing and reimbursement, you’ll have the information you need to be more accurate, compliant, and profitable.

With JE ContractEdge, you have access to past projects and their true costs, so creating accurate bids for future projects to assist you in being profitable is easy. Also, integration with your CRM system gives you visibility into your project pipeline so that you can maintain optimal scheduling of resources, enabling projects to begin with all resources in place and get off to a great start. As you move from the bid process to the execution of the project, all your data is available for ongoing reporting without manual manipulation.

Project Accounting allows you to set up the proper project workflows for entering time and expenses. Data entry bottlenecks become a thing of the past, as team members have appropriate online access for entering their project expenses and time.

As you know, billing the government must be done in accordance with your contract award. There are multiple rates, direct and indirect costs, ceilings, and invoicing formats that must be coordinated for proper billing. JE ContractEdge allows you to set up, store and compute these rates and expenses so that you can bill in an accurate and timely fashion and maintain an optimal cash position for your business.

Financial Accounting endorsed by the AICPA.

Beyond the project management abilities of JE ContractEdge powered by Intacct, you’ll have the best, real-time accounting system at your disposal. Intacct has earned the distinction of “Preferred Provider of Financial Applications” from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The AICPA sets the ethical standards for the profession and U.S. auditing standards for private companies, nonprofit organizations, federal, state and local governments.


Doing business with the government means performing Government Contract Accounting (GCA). GCA is the setup and maintenance of an organization’s official books and accounting records, its policies, and procedures, all of which facilitate the tracking of, reporting on, and billing for, all costs, for any government contract, in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

But true compliance goes beyond cost allocations, measurement, and billing. You need to document internal policies on business activities such as accounting, timekeeping, billing – just to name a few.

Your job is to document and follow the policies. Many of your policies can be built into JE ContractEdge to further ensure compliance. Having a system that, like your employees, operates according to compliance rules and policies, means that compliance is easier – and allows you to demonstrate compliance in the event of an audit.

Audit ready.

When you are a government contractor, audits can come from multiple directions and in a variety of types: pre-award audits, contract purchase systems review (CPSR), incurred cost, and more.

With JE ContractEdge powered by Intacct, you be able to set up your project accounting in a way that is compliant and produces the reports auditors want when conducting an audit. The system delivers many audit-friendly capabilities such as:

  • The ability to click on any number in the financial statements and drill down to the general ledger, reconciliations, and original transactions which is otherwise known as an audit trail.
  • Attaching supporting documents to each transaction. This speeds up the process for the auditor by eliminating the need to come to you or other staff to provide document requests.
  • Enabling the auditor to run built-in reports and reconciliations to confirm your accounting process is effective and compliant.

Built for the cloud

Cloud Technology Providing Contractors More System Benefits at a Lower Price Point

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