Cloud Computing Benefits for Gaming OperationsBack in 2011, our Managing Partner Joseph Eve wrote an article for Indian Gaming called “What is the Cloud and How can it Benefit Gaming Operations?”

In that article he explained that cloud computing was in the early adoption phase. He pointed to several casinos that were utilizing cloud computing for things like: room reservations, air travel programs, player relations, disaster recovery and virtual server needs – to name just a few.

He concluded the article by noting, “If we were sitting here three years from today looking back, the industry will have seen a significant shift towards adopting cloud computing technologies. We are in the early adoption phase of the life cycle curve for cloud computing. The benefits are clear and will continue to unfold.”

It has now been five years, and he was exactly right. The benefits are clear and many. More and more businesses, nonprofit organizations, and tribal governments and enterprises are embracing the cloud. Better security, guaranteed up times, eliminating the need to make a significant investment in servers and associated hardware an infrastructure are just some of the benefits of cloud computing for gaming operations.

Cloud computing has continued to evolve and new solutions are being released all the time. JOSEPH EVE developed its own product, CasinoEdge, designed for gaming operations’ financial accounting departments. Built on the award-winning Intacct financial accounting solution, CasinoEdge streamlines and automate many of the manual processes that have consumed too much of accountants’ time.

Cloud Computing Benefits for Gaming Operations

CasinoEdge brings you all the benefits of cloud computing and gives you:

Daily Flash Reporting and more from any device – Preconfigured and powerful financial reporting and charts including daily flash reports available from any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop) any time to give you the insight you need.
Streamlined Revenue Audit – When the daily revenue audit is complete, simply click a button to post detailed daily data from across the entire property – it’s that easy!
Automated ProcessesCasinoEdge gives you automated financial processes that are mobile enabled. Since they are mobile enabled, approval authorities can approve purchases, bill payments, check requests, and employee expenses anywhere, anytime for vastly more efficient operations.

JOSEPH EVE has many resources for CFOs of gaming operations that we invite you to download and view:

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