With brisk changes in casino regulatory requirements, customer behavior, and technology, casino CFOs are feeling the pressure to keep key financial data up to date and distributed to managers and stakeholders. More insight into financial and operational data means more agile and strategic adjustments. However, CFOs are finding it difficult to respond given the limits of legacy accounting systems.

Savvy casino CFOs are turning to cloud computing to realize the best casino accounting trends. JOSEPH EVE developed CasinoEdge to give casino CFOs a software solution designed for their specific needs. CasinoEdge brings the power of Intacct cloud financial management combined with decades of casino accounting expertise from JOSEPH EVE. Chances are the casino accounting software solution you are currently using was designed before the internet, smart phones, tablets, and the cloud.

CasinoEdge powered by Intacct brings you the latest technology, making your software application available on any device. Are you ready to take advantage of the latest casino accounting trends? If so, you will enjoy these benefits:

Daily Flash Reporting from any device Pre-configured and robust accounting and financial reporting, including charts, delivered to you and other stakeholders in real time on the device of your choice. Get the insight you need via smart phone, tablet, laptop, or in front of your PC.

Streamlined Revenue Audit Consider the ease and convenience: when revenue audit is complete for the day, simply click a button to post detailed daily data from across the entire property.

Manage Multiple Properties with Ease With JE CasinoEdge powered by Intacct, it is easy for you to manage the financials for multiple locations and entities, whether your casino structure is simple or complex, domestic or global.

Download this white paper explaining Four Casino Accounting Trends that can help Casino Finance and Accounting Departments meet the demand.



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