JOSEPH EVE Smart Smart Methodology

The hours of due diligence are in the past. You’ve completed your evaluation of accounting systems and, after careful consideration you’ve made your decision. Now that you’ve purchased your accounting solutions, what happens after the hand-off from JOSEPH EVE Sales to JOSEPH EVE Services?

The JOSEPH EVE Smart Start Methodology is a multi-layered process that is a proven methodology for success.

It’s a methodology coupled with competent and expert JOSEPH EVE team members that work with you in order to provide you with the tools and support you need to get the maximum value from your software investment.

Smart Smart Methodology

The JE Smart Start Methodology begins with the formal hand-off from sales to services following the finalization of your contract. At this point you are assigned a dedicated project team that will be working with you and your internal team throughout the implementation process up until you ‘go live’ with your accounting software solution. Once you are live on the software, your interaction with JOSEPH EVE transitions to our Customer Support and Success Teams for your ongoing needs.

The role of the Customer Support and Success Team is to keep your best interests in mind. They watch for both system and process problems that could prevent you from fully benefitting from your new accounting solution. The Team has expertise in technology, the software solution, and best practices when it comes to processes. The JOSEPH EVE Team is looking out for you in order to ensure that you have:

  Better processes
  Better controls
  Reduced total cost of accounting function
  Increased efficiency
  Less manual work
  More time to focus on higher value activities

There are three tiers of resources that comprise the Smart Start Methodology: people, process, and technology. There are defined roles for these resources through the five phases of the Smart Start Methodology. The five phases are: define, build, model, deploy, and on-going use.

Keys to Success

Throughout the process we’ll use three keys to success as guiding milestones.

Key to Success #1 – Detailed Project Planning

When your project is launched, JOSEPH EVE puts together a detailed project plan. This is our roadmap. Your project plan is designed to help us track the progress of the project as well as the budget. We work together on the plan and the final version is a plan that is mutually agreed upon.

Key to Success #2 – Implementation Portal

JOSEPH EVE will provide access to a secure implementation portal where we can track the project. The portal will allow you and your JOSEPH EVE team to:

  • Securely share files with the implementation team
  • View the implementation calendar including critical project dates
  • Assign and be assigned implementation tasks
  • Communicate and have discussions with implementation team

Key to Success #3 – Timely and open communication

Each week you’ll have a Weekly Status Report (available on the portal and using a pre-defined status reporting template). We’ll also join you for a weekly project status meeting to discuss when has been accomplished, any open items, and what’s to be accomplished going forward.

Many of our customers take advantage of our Finance Transformation Process along with our Smart Start Methodology. They want to make sure that they are automating best practice processes as they begin with new technology solutions.

If you have questions about our Smart Start Methodology, JOSEPH EVE welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions. At your convenience, give us a ring at 406-752-5225.