Project Description

Platinum Hospitality streamlines operations and simplifies multi-entity financial management with Intacct.

 Platinum Hospitality Management, a hotel developer and operator in Texas and Tennessee, needed a financial management solution that could support the company´s growing property portfolio. With complex operations comprised of multiple corporations, bank accounts and subsidiaries, Platinum needed a solution that would:

  • Provide multi-entity functionality to centrally run the hotel chain’s back-end tasks.
  • Offer advanced business analytics to gauge real-time business performance.
  • Lower IT costs and provide anywhere, anytime access.
Intacct’s web-based financial, supply chain and business intelligence applications makes it a far more attractive solution for managing our rapidly growing hotel chain than Microsoft Dynamics, Best Software MAS 90 and Oracle.

Mitch Patel, CEO and President, Platinum Hospitality


 Moving to the Intacct cloud saves Platinum Hospitality about $400,000 a year in labor costs. The company can now easily handle complex inter-company transactions, as well as:

  • Manage finances for all hotels with only two full-time accounting staff members.
  • Scale with future growth.
  • Make it easy for staff to manage all hotel operations in one unified real-time view.

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