Project Description

Cenzic uses Intacct to improve remote access, add scalability, and reduce system maintenance.

 Cenzic, a provider of vulnerability management solutions that automate penetration testing of web applications, needed to:

  • Improve remote access to the corporate financial system.
  • Add scalability to accommodate the company´s growth.
  • Reduce time spent on system maintenance.
With Cenzic’s background in web-based security, we needed a scalable solution that had built-in access control and permission. Intacct gave us tremendous functionality for less than a quarter of the cost of many other systems we considered.

John Weinschenk, President and CEO, Cenzic

 By integrating Intacct with its business licensing system, Cenzic has been able to:o Save more than $300,000 in software acquisition, support, and customization costs.o Save hundreds of hours per year in IT maintenance while supporting current and future growth.o Reduce cost of purchasing and maintaining its financial systems by up to 75%.o Add key role-based access capabilities for employees who needed access to financial systems.o Completely upgrade its internal financial systems, including reporting and auditing processes.