Project Description

Fast Eddie´s gains a unified view of all affiliates using comprehensive Intacct multi-entity functionality.


Fast Eddie’s, a nationwide chain of sports and billiards restaurants, wanted a financial management system that would provide visibility and GAAP-required corporate controls. To continue growing the business successfully, Fast Eddie´s needed to:

  • Gain comprehensive multi-entity functionality that offers a unified view of all affiliates.
  • Find a multi-unit accounting system with seamless single- and multi-entity entry and reporting features.
  • Properly allocate capital and human resources to the core business, without having to add hardware, software, or staff to manage financials.

We’d tried NetSuite, but the platform was not geared to effectively support a multi-unit franchise. We were stuck behind the eight ball until Intacct gave us real-time visibility into our growing chain of billiard halls.

Robert Wilson, President, Fast Eddie’s


Fast Eddie’s can now make critical business decisions based on real-time store-by-store comparisons and multi-entity consolidation. The company has eliminated redundant data entry and ensured corporate governance compliance. Using Intacct, Fast Eddie´s can also:

  • Get a complete 360° single view of its licensee network.
  • Run advanced real-time reporting for store-by-store analysis.
  • Take advantage of real-time web-based collaboration between headquarters and on-site managers.
  • Automate allocations to update data across all establishments with a single journal entry.

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