Audit Services


Is your busy team working in synergy, or are some departments straggling along? Ensure that all operational, departmental and informational segments of your business are thriving and working cohesively to meet your company or enterprise’s objectives. The certified public accountants at JOSEPH EVE are experienced, trusted auditors: By using our audit services, we’ll band your processes together in a way that works harmoniously–not obstructively—by assessing what’s working with your existing processes, applying systematic actions for improvement, and reporting findings for all sectors before determining the best resolution. By meeting first to thoroughly discuss objectives we will proceed to assess the effectiveness of current controls, discuss findings, present the information via highly-readable reports and make recommendations.  If changes need to be made we will utilize the latest technology in information systems and software applications, to stay in compliance with important laws, regulations and policies.


At JOSEPH EVE, we want to maximize your success. AuditEdge™ works to accomplish audit objectives from all angles while providing invaluable training that other CPA firms fail to provide. Government officials, managers, chief executives and administrators receive highly beneficial education while maintaining complete oversight of operations by attending conferences and receiving detailed information about report results so they can fully grasp report implications to fine-tune their processes. The AuditEdge™ difference is active involvement of organization leaders for stronger control and confidence in the audit process that stretches well beyond our assistance. Eliminate duplicate payments, over-billing, payroll fraud and other errors while understanding what it takes to prepare for mishaps and prevent them for future audits.


Start off the audit process on the right foot, and you’ll undeniably end up with cleaner reports and more promising results. JOSEPH EVE will make sure your company is going in the right direction in regards to account reconciliation, financial statement preparation and documentation compilation. Acute organization and solid direction means avoidance of delays, discrepancies, penalties and other annoyances for a more pleasant and simplified overall experience. We also provide on-the-job training for your employees so that administrative processes and audit preparation is effective and easier for your company to manage.


JOSEPH EVE is a beacon for customer service in the gaming industry. Why? Because we go beyond the bare minimum by providing powerful audit software solutions, extensive training and learning programs that include information-rich seminars and real-time, in-house educational sessions, and we provide further analysis of findings to help you strengthen weaknesses and improve upon your strong points. Top-of-the-line cloud auditing software won’t cut into your daily operations, providing an additional convenience factor while softening the blow to your budget. Consult with us for information on gaming industry best practices. As advanced industry thought-leaders, we have the skills and knowledge at our disposal to greatly enhance your next audit experience.