Casino Profit Advantage™


The gaming industry, like many others, operates on the 80/20 rule: 20% of the casinos make about 80% of the profits. And if you’re not part of that top 20%, you’re not seeing the results you want – especially in a recovering economy. We can help you change that with the Casino Profit Advantage™.

  • Helps casinos of every size maximize profitability and control loss
  • Provides an in-depth evaluation benchmarking your casino against the competition
  • Increases stakeholder income distribution opportunities
  • Establishes a reference point on which to base future decision


The gaming industry experts at JOSEPH EVE will evaluate your casino’s operations, analyzing both current and potential income sources, losses and risks. They then present the findings, which will include recommendations in all or some of the following areas:

Benchmarking Budgets Data Storage & Security
Leadership Marketing & Entertaining Operating Costs
Player Tracking Promotional Marketing Revenue Sources
Software Applications Staffing Strategy

You will then have the information you need to increase your casino’s profitability regardless of the local, national or global economy.

It is essential for your organization to have the opportunity to prosper during challenging times and prepare for the upturn and prosperous years that most certainly lie ahead. JOSEPH EVE can better integrate the objectives and needs of your organization with the marketplace and you will experience more market share, increased profit and emerge stronger from these economic times. Let us take you to the next level with Casino Profit Advantage™.

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