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As a busy non-profit agency or organization, you require financial oversight that’s both highly accurate and budget-friendly. Achieving your organization’s mission is your main priority, but budgetary and financial aspects have a way of making it to the forefront of your list of concerns thanks to tight regulations, such as GAAP, SFAS and 116 that pertain specifically to non-profits. When state regulators and key agencies require proof of funds and in-depth reporting on distinct revenue-generating categories and programs, you need the expertise of an accounting firm that understands the documentation and processes required to meet these challenges. JOSEPH EVE has been serving the non-profit sector since 1983, and each member of our staff is trained in his or her own specialty niche to provide deep focus and analysis for every area of financial concern. From accounting to auditing, we offer back-office assistance with financial tasks on both a daily and as-needed basis.

Thousands of nonprofits have embraced cloud computing to gain control over their finances, improve operations and minimize costs. Learn how your organization can benefit as these leading nonprofits share their stories of moving to the cloud.

As the leading provider of cloud-based financial management and accounting applications for nonprofits, Intacct has helped leading charities, trade and membership associations, cultural institutions, charter schools and faith-based organizations gain control over their finances, improve operations, increase transparency and minimize costs.

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JOSEPH EVE offers Abila MIP Fund Accounting, the award-winning Non-Profit and Government Accounting Software. Abila MIP Fund Accounting is the number one solution preferred by non-profits and government agencies for financial management. Unlike commercial accounting systems designing for traditional business, Abila MIP Fund Accounting addresses the specific needs of Non-Profit and Government agencies that require tracking and reporting on individual grants and funds from multiple sources.