Detailed, thorough inspection of financial records, insurance claims and appeals, and vendor service transactions is vital to the success of small practice service providers, surgical centers, and hospitals alike. Improper documentation and errors can lead to dire consequences, such as unexpected assessment of fees, post payment denials on claims and even serious legal repercussions if not addressed properly. There are many distinct areas involved with the business of healthcare, and this means many areas requiring a highly-specialized skill set for proper internal auditing and financial reporting. If your healthcare organization is stretched thin or simply looking to slim its budget, turn to the expert CPAs at JOSEPH EVE. With extensive auditing, accounting and financial consulting experience for both major medical providers and private practices, we’re here to help you improve your bottom line and comply with strict Medicare, Medicaid and federal documentation requirements, all while improving your processes. For effortless, affordable solutions, call on the team of experts that is prepared to solve your toughest financial riddles with trusted, sound strategies.

JOSEPH EVE has been servicing the healthcare sector for 25 years, and we’ve forged long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with major and minor medical health care providers out of our strong dedication to continued support and highly efficient methodologies. The medical field presents some pretty daunting financial challenges, and playing by U.S. GAAP rules and adhering to other government watchdog policies can be tricky, stressful and often confusing on paper. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of highly-qualified experts that each retains their own special blend of highly-targeted skills: We tackle all areas in need of financial assistance in a combined effort, ensuring effective results that require little time to implement. Once processes are in place, we offer continued support and maintenance to ensure that best practices are continual. We provide:

  • Dollar valuations and value of assets, preparation of income statements and balance sheets. We perform all general and advanced accounting services, including financial statements and payroll.
  • In-depth analysis and reporting that encompasses a wide range of specialty areas. We oversee tracking and adjustments for qualified Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) and help calculate for annual allotments. We handle reporting for managed care services and assess profitability of ancillary services, such as medical imaging, diagnostic testing and other procedures.
  • We assist with all aspects of Medicare and Medicaid documentation for hospitals, including preparation of Medicare Bad Debt reimbursement documents, medical claim review for CERT, and tracking/documenting for Medicare appeals, including Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.
  • We are your go-to CPA firm for audit outsourcing needs, ensuring recovery audit program compliance, accurate annual reviews and cost reporting, alignment with OSHA and HIPPA, and improved collections and cash flow.

Reliable, award-winning software enables a larger return on investments, heightened security, ease of installation, and flexibility that you can’t get with competing programs. Intacct offers fully-integrated functionality for comprehensive oversight of financial management and accounting procedures. Role-based dashboards lend ease of accessibility while ensuring that user restrictions are in place for enhanced access security, while no need for hardware or software installation makes deployment as simple as owning a computer. Detailed reporting elements and analysis tools may be applied to all or a few aspects of your business activity, making for a flexible, buildable system that falls right into place with existing applications. You won’t have to tear down an established platform, and elimination of the need to build from scratch means you’ll save valuable time and money. The experts of JOSEPH EVE provide full oversight of Intacct software installation and training for additional convenience.