Overview of Education Services

We’ve been serving public and private school grades K-12 in conjunction with accredited universities, vocational and trade schools for 25 years, and we understand that administrators and staff of educational institutions have a lot on their plates, and that’s excluding the financial realm of operations. Often times, internal audit offices at both public and private schools get backed up with messy, out-of-date books or difficult to navigate software systems. Entrust the financial and accounting experts at JOSEPH EVE with all of your financial audit, accounting and reporting needs. JOSEPH EVE provides detailed customer service and a commitment to keeping your records current and in line with the latest technologies.

The Education Solution (K-12 & College)

Big, complex issues require all-encompassing, detailed solutions. When it comes to your educational organization’s financial records, JOSEPH EVE knows that keeping data up-to-date and 100 percent correct is a big deal. Sometimes budget cuts result in lack of specialized training, and even the slightest knowledge gaps can snowball into getting way behind on tracking, reporting and accurate bookkeeping. Whether you require occasional assistance with monthly and annual reporting or need a full-service CPA firm to swoop in, compile and reconfigure the missing or disorganized pieces, we’re here to help. First and foremost, we’re problem solvers, and no accounting puzzle is too large for us to handle—or too small to deserve our attention. We offer dedicated assistance and guidance for the following financial tracking and reporting needs:

  • Assistance with required annual reports.
  • JOSEPH EVE takes a highly systematic approach towards the development and modification of internal controls in order to discourage both human and electronic error while identifying causes of irregularity and formulating new performance goals.
  • Outsourcing for monthly bank reconciliations, monthly account reconciliations, book preparation, help with existing accounting software or conversion to new platforms, and cloud-based, intelligent software installation for ease of accessibility, richer reporting

Grant Management

We ensure that funds generated are being spent in compliance with grantor regulations, federal laws, and state laws, create and maintain award documentation by developing underlying procedures for awarding and monitoring, and provide detailed tracking of annual budgets while seeing where policies have room for improvement.

JOSEPH EVE assists with organizational strategies, administrative functions and reporting activities so your organization can focus on its grantee relationships.

Sage 100

JOSEPH EVE offers Sage 100 Fund Asage-300x180ccounting, the award-winning Non-Profit and Government Accounting Software (formerly Sage MIP). Sage 100 is the number one solution preferred by non-profits and government agencies for financial management. Unlike commercial accounting systems designing for traditional business, Sage 100 Fund Accounting addresses the specific needs of Non-Profit and Government agencies that require tracking and reporting on individual grants and funds from multiple sources.