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Intacct PartnerNo matter the industry that your enterprise is in, your organization has unique needs. In the past, you have been forced to settle for a “one-size-fits-all” financial application. This has left you with little flexibility, requiring large ongoing IT expenses and cumbersome customization of a legacy system, if customization is available. A growing and successful corporation requires a high degree of flexibility. A powerful financial management solution that adapts to your workflows and reporting requirements is a must. With modern day technology, your enterprise should be able to integrate its industry-specific solutions with a robust and first in class accounting software platform. Meeting your industry-specific needs without being forced into a generic out of the box product, gives you a truly tailored solution. Financial professionals from a wide variety of industries are in need of a solution that houses error-free data and gives them the insight they need to help their organizations grow.

Creating a lean environment means eliminating manual business processes. The reliance on spreadsheets and the inaccurate data they can contain, are costing your organization. “Hidden” costs that equate to revenue leakage, add up quickly. The cost of housing and tracking paper,waiting for approvals and not having a controlled automated process; these are profit killers. Implementing automated, digital processes for purchasing, time and expense claims and AR billing will drastically improve efficiency, enhance data accuracy, reduce costs and eliminate revenue leakage.
Live real time data is the only way to have a financial view of day-to-day operations. Spend control and managing margins effectively today, are imperative. With our data in the cloud, it is available and accessible stakeholders no-matter their location. Once you combine your financial data with operational data and business metrics, your finance professionals become truly empowered to make timely and accurate decisions. The ability adapt at the precise moment when it will be most impactful is a most for a thriving enterprise.
With dimensional accounting, you configure each segment of the items on which you will report in a separate field. You can then tag each transaction with the appropriate dimensions. This allows you to maintain each segment separately, thereby limiting the overall maintenance on GL accounts. Furthermore, your chart of accounts remains pure. This allows you to tag transactions throughout the product to ensure you don’t miss a single detail in your reporting. You can also identify by GL account when a segment value is required, so your users entering data don’t inadvertently miss tagging a transaction.
Backend infrastructure that is required to support an on premise legacy application is high and on-going. Our Cloud product eliminates the entire backend infrastructure. No more databases, patches, servers or VPN. Automated quarterly software updates happen when you are not online and without you ever noticing. Your IT staff are left to focus on activities that add value to your enterprise achieving its goals in more important areas.
Cornerstone upgrades to Intacct to support complex software revenue recognition requirements
“If we were still on our old system, we would’ve needed at least two more finance headcount – at a cost of around $150,000 annually – just to keep pace with the expected growth.” – David Novak, Controller


software technology partnerAs a division we pride ourselves as being a collection of high level IT, CPA and financial professionals. We realize that most customers initial assumption is they are simply buying software. What they don’t realize is that the partner they select is equally important to the future success of the software, as the software itself.

As your partner it’s our role to bring to light and define each and every challenge that you are facing, and work with you to establish the proper decision criteria to create the ideal future road map.


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