Our provision of expert accounting services spans various niche industries, and we execute a detailed, multi-level approach towards meeting each organization’s ideals while working carefully to match distinct client demands. We cater to government and non-profit organizations by offering specialty services such as indirect cost proposal and tax return assistance, leverage casino profitability by providing complete income analysis and process recommendations, and formulate unique cloud computing solutions that are suitable for all industries. Our team provides complete installation and assistance with compatible accounting software that’s designed with you in mind. With extensive experience servicing both tribal and non-tribal sectors, Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE is the viable, one-stop solution for all accounting needs.



The InSourced Accounting Solution™ is a service provided to clients that are significantly behind or simply don’t have the necessary staff to get their accounting up-to-date or completed accurately for audit purposes. In these instances, Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE will send staff to work on-site to get your books caught up and ready to audit. At that point, we can either provide the necessary training for your staff to carry on the accounting work, or move your organization to the OutSourced Accounting Solution™.


The OutSourced Accounting Solution™ is designed for governments and enterprises that prefer to contract out their accounting services.  Utilizing technology, Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE accountants will complete the majority of work remotely, with regular on-site visits.

The decision might be to outsource the revenue auditing function while maintaining general ledger control in-house, or you may be looking for a turnkey solution, in which we provide the entire accounting infrastructure.

Through the use of technology and efficiency, we are able to reduce the amount of money spent on accounting while ensuring accurate and timely reporting to management and executives.

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MAKING A DIFFERENCEA CASE STUDY A client contacted Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE in early 2004 with a desperate situation. They had not had an audit since 1998, had been placed on high-risk status, and faced recision of vital programs by its funding agency. The client had until September 2006 to become compliant. They had worked with several other firms before contacting Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE, but none had the manpower or ability to learn the inner workings of the organization. Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE put together a dynamic team that successfully completed four years of accounting work in just two years. The hands-on team effort by Wipfli/JOSEPH EVE partners, consultants and accountants enabled the client to meet the funding agencies deadline and avoid recision of vital programs.